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the libson girls, oh the libson girls. [entries|friends|calendar]

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love this.
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IMPORTANT [26 Jun 2005|11:55pm]

new username









please add me?

should have stayed in the shallows

[13 Jun 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i will use this opportunity to brag about the best weekend ive probably ever had.
friday i woke up and waited and waited, but finally keith came and we went to best buy he got the fly movies and bought me a cd case which i needed very badly. then we picked up nina and john and then we went to his house and then we left to go to the beach. we stopped for gas and we stopped for wendys which was alright after we went back in like twice to get the right food. then we got down the beach and hung out for the rest of the night and watched movies and more movies.
saturday everyone went on the boat and me and keith stayed home and walked down for chinese food and we went home and watched another movie while i straightened his hair. later, me and keith went to the boardwalk for a few hours and pretended like we knew this group of kids and talked about them and we watched the water at night and drank coffee because were cool like that.
sunday we hung around again and some of his family went tubing and some of us stayed home so me and keith and his mom went to happy harrys and then we hung around some more and ate and everyone was making fun of eachother. we left around 6 i guess and i was really tired after we dropped nina and john off so i asked if i could just stay the night at keiths house and they could bring me home the next day and everyone agreed. so i spent the night with his cat woooooooooooo and keith woke me up at five so we could hang out before he went to school hahaha he drank his coffee and i was too tired to lift up the cup so i found out later that keiths dad drank it cause i never finished it. i waited for the bus with him in my kitty pajamas and his cat and he left and i went back into his room and slept till ten and then keiths mom took me home after she showered and made me some coffee and i watched style network.
i really wish i brought my camera but keith brought his and we got a few good pictures...although its mostly of me with wet hair or no makeup on grossss. i shall get these from keithy and post them because i love him. were probably doing this again and it will probably be the only time i will update during the summer, when i see him because i have no life.

5 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[]D[][]V[][]D [09 Jun 2005|02:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so school is out. i bet 20 bucks i failed at least two exams, if not all six. it doesnt feel like the last day of school. i look like a lobster. i got so burnt yesterday sitting out and reading..pretty dumb. at least im not white. :/ i got a new necklace and bathing suit that doesnt match yesterday along with some chinese food.

I GET TO GO TO THE BEACH WITH KEITH THIS WEEKEND!!!! that will be the highlight of my summer, i can tell. im already bored as crap and ive only been out of school for like two hours. i spent 15 minutes talkingto keith and 15 making myself lunch and 3 eating it because it was gross....and im online being bored. theres no one on..well garrett is but hes not really talking.

 i need a hobby oh wait. i

 do have one, i play guitar why dont i learn a song.

i think im gonna try and get pretty good this summer if youre all lucky enough. the internet is boring blah blah blah BORING...heres some pictures...im pretty bored.


that mighty mighty dollar sign Collapse )

5 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[06 Jun 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]

like woah,



and every morning she wakes with a dream to describeCollapse )

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[05 Jun 2005|11:07am]
[ mood | content ]

rest in peace

the weaver family

their parents

you just dont expect things like this to happen to people like them.

1 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[31 May 2005|12:35am]
[ mood | awake ]

its one of those nights.. (note the time of the entry. i have school tomorrow.)

well i guess that since im here i might as well say what im thinking right now...thats what this is for right?

i feel so lucky. for so many different reasons. to have such a wonderful caring amazing and supportive boyfriend, for having such amazing and talented and awesome friends, for whoever is up there for answering my prayer, for what i have, for what i dont have, for the cup of mountain dew over there keeping me awake, for the people who inspire me, for the work i have to do to feel the sweetness of relaxation, for the shit i go through to taste the sweetness of a non butterfly stomach,
for last weekend,
for this weekend.

i see things opening up, like new friendships & new levels with others. i see things closing, like old friendships, & walls going up with others. i hope that the friendships will continue to grow, and i hope i and the other people can come to peace with the closing friendships, if that even needs to happen.

it is so nice to have a person to whom you can tell everything to. it is so awesome to know they will always be there. it is amazing to know they care.

me and keith have been going out for seven and a half months. which is ahkgfashfokashfasigf8T&%&%&(DHugbjgJLHLH()^*^% VTGHIOM DAIOD, .


what sound does a mastadon make?Collapse )

should have stayed in the shallows

[25 May 2005|06:48pm]
so i dyed my hair dark brown and red
i think it looks good
my camera cant capture the coolness
it makes it look all weird and its not really how it looks

ill try tomorrow or something.
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[25 May 2005|01:19pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


those papers


should have stayed in the shallows

[23 May 2005|12:47pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

im in school agian for my second free today, and becasue i am THAT cool i will update in the library because this is the only website not blocked at nazi school central.

well my weeekend was good. friday i got bored and i went to the movies with garrett and barry and we saw star wars. it was pretty good. saturday i went to keiths house and we had LOTS O FUN and went to his nephews birthday party. he taught me a little taking back sunday which i am currently working on to perfect. sunday i did nothing. kaylas coming over after school tomorrow to dye my hair and i will have pictures so the people i never see can have a gander. it will be dark on top and red/blonde underneath. we shall see for the coolness factor. i miss people...like everyone. i feel like i havent seen any of my friends in such a long time. hopefully il be able to go to dustins party this weekend and see a few people, and then next weekend go to currans party and see more people there and at HIPV. the period is almost over i already did my two day french project and let me tell you its pretty damn good. and when i get home i have to write some of my lit term paper and all of my history term paper...AND my bullshit theology paper that i shouldnt have to do. it was a punishment paper for not doing any of my project. but heres the catch..i did do my project...o.O
hmmm well i guess i better go.
and i got my cell phone finally. if you really feel the need to know my number, ask or something. i think ive learned my lesson about posting stuff in this that i shouldnt.
well i gotta piss and go to lit class SO payce out nigga.

3 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[20 May 2005|01:33pm]
[ mood | i love being high in st marks ]

so heres the story:
livejournal isnt blocked anymore. i skipped guitar again. i hope i dont get in trouble, but i hate that class SO MUCH OH MY GOD.

&&; i look homeless.

&&;we disected frogs and mrs joyce took a picture of me almost kissing the skinned frog. kayla and i each kept an eyeball. i used to think disecting things meant you had to eat them when i was little.

&&;lisa colored my hair with red sharpie today at lunch. it looks hot.

so anyone want to come over tonight and do something with me? cause keith won't. PLEASE.

&&;i taught myself some coheed&cambria. i dont know if i already said that, but im prettty damn proud of myself.

&&;im disabling comments after this thing dies down. pretty sad that i have to do that on my own journal.

so im pretty much bored.

we dont have to go into school until 10 next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday because of senior exams. that rocks. and then the monday after that is memorial day. shits going down, people. party hardy.

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[17 May 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

oh and lets not forget the most important part of today:

today is seven months!!! keith i love you to pieces.♥

i hope someone knows how great this feels.

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[17 May 2005|03:41pm]
[ mood | determined ]

i hate when the delcastle kids stay after.
then i have no one to talk to.
i suppose y'all are out getting the system of a down cd. BEHHH.
how come i cant go there?

time for peek inside katy's soul:

why cant people understand when youre trying to tell the truth to them, that youre not tyring to be mean, that youre just trying not to lie to them, that youre not penalizing anything they do, youre not accusing them...youre just trying to be

maybe i should just say nothing anymore. maybe i should be like everyone else and let someone go on thinking i like them or i dont and just LIE all the fucking time.
people dont do that. i swear it hurts more to find out someone hasnt liked you all along than to just find out when they start to dislike you...or even the other way around as well.

i know for sure its not easy hearing the truth. ive asked for it, gotten it, and sure ive gotten upset, but i asked for it. when you ask something...expect an answer, an honest answer...and if you cant get an honest answer, then why are you trusting them with the question? GOD THAT PISSES ME OFF. never lie to me if you want to live. please.

when someone is brutally honest with you, you get upset. we all do, even if we try not to show it or let anyone know. the truth of the matter is, we all eventually get over it, if you try and let it go and not make a big deal out of it. it may take a really long time, but honestly, will you remember that susie sunshine said that she thought you were scene? will you care? probably not.
if anyone starts a livejournal fight, i will disable my comments.

these questions remain: where is the line between being honest, and being mean?
&&;why do people care so much what everyone thinks?
&&;when will people be able to tell eachother the truth?
&&;when will katy finally get a job as philosopher?

18 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[15 May 2005|10:40pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i went to the grange on friday. el toro was amazing as always. i bought their new cd. that is amazing as well.
saturday i wanted to go to lisa's and party, but father wouldnt allow this, because hes a douche (hahah lisa). then i talked him into letting me go over keiths today, and surprisingly he let me. we hung out by ourselves, which is nice as always and we watched american history x and ross has two cute ass baby bunnies that i want to steal, which i can now, since i have the garage combination...haha. and keiths dog is getting lucky and i want her babies.
my sweatshirt smells like keith and i miss him already.

4 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[12 May 2005|04:56pm]
[ mood | full ]

i decided that my entries are too long and people probably wont want to read them because of this...
i love keith wingate.

i had tacos for dinner.

i miss keith wingate.

i swear, it is i want scott rosenburg's dick month. not for me. thats weird. hes mah homeslice.

im bored. i taught myself most of the boy who...

yes. chris just signed on, and laurie just went away.

BLAH im BORED AS CRAP. i want to stay home this weekend by myself and not go to my dads since mother and dave and fetus are going to someones graduation...i could have a party yo.

i like mars volta and blood brothers and coheed and emery alot right now.

i suppose im done.

4 of us should have stayed in the shallows

faskflllllllljfkasbgaiewraog [08 May 2005|01:03am]

dan heres your update. im talking to you right now about how much we love our significant other.

i saw house of wax with keith on friday. the best part was when paris hilton died because a huge piece of metal went straight through her head.

me and my step dad went to the mall and got mother some mommy day gifts and i got cool fucking sunglasses that are pimp and i got chinese food.

then i went to keiths house for ross' birthday party where i drove keith in the biggest fucking truck in the world to the music store to get his foot petal that he later on had sex with. then i drove back to his house and cooked burgers and dogs because im cool like that.(no actually it was keiths dads attempt at turning me, a "city girl", into a redneck. because newark is such a huge city.) no i really did. thennnnn me and keith just hung around and he taught me play crack the sky and trash flavored trash and we had cake and burned cds for me and um we fed the dog and i pet the cat and this is not chronological but none of you care/will ever know. keiths nephews are really cute and i love his house/family and i love how im talking about keith as if he werent reading this/// what else...keith weedwhacked some persons yard and i drove him there and sat in the car and listened to ozzy bc the radio sucks.

and um have you ever felt so incredibly happy and in love that you dont know what to do or how to express it? well keith thats how you make me feel.


im hungry and its like 1 oclock so i think ill eat something and go to bed.

5 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[29 Apr 2005|04:49pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

okay so rephrase.

it was kind of one thing that pushed me over, but i realized that i do not need to be on the internet as much as i am. i have not been on at all this week...and i have gotten so many things done. it is not necessary to be online as much as i am. and i came to that realization the other day thats its impersonal, too cloudy, and really annoying to talk online. the obssessions are crazt with myspace and livejournal and stuff.


you are...

both of you. really.

its sick. you dont talk about someone that you yourself havent talked to in six months. and the other. well. its sickening to watch, really.
im kind of feeling like a bitch right now, so yeah.
yes. i know this in itself is pathetic..but what goes around comes around i guess.
im not saying im the most mature person out there, or that this is mature, bc its not. but some people need to grow up.


me and keith have been going out for six months and like 2 weeks or so i think. and those have been the best six months of my entire life. i didnt know this was a feeling, how it was possible to love someone so much you dont know how to explain it, you dont know how to express it, you dont know what to do. its awesome. fnkasnfk;asnfslfasdfasljfaskljfd/


hmm. so. ive been alot more productive lately now that ive cut my internet addiction. ive been doing all my homework, taking showers (LOL) um, learning more songs, exercising and eating better, and helping my mom out more. its really refreshing to feel like youve done something in the day besides waste away at school, to feel clean, to get better grades and stuff, you know. :D


well. i know this is really weird to post this in livejournal, but youre
not online, so i think i post this, because i heart you.

you think i hate you.

i think you hate me.

this is NOT true.

actually, i heart you.

i admire you in many ways.

i dont talk to you much because i never know what to say.

but i would.



so life has been uncovered. i try to cover it though, so it doesnt hurt as much i guess. but..if you cover it, you dont get the best of the good things..and thats way too precious to leave alone.


the question how are you? is a very weird question. like, instead of saying, im good and you? im trying to think of a better word to describe how i am.
im leaving this thought unfinished if thats why it doesnt make sense. i have to go.

2 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[27 Apr 2005|08:41pm]
i hate the internet.

the internet is dumb.

the internet causes drama.

im done with the internet,

1 of us should have stayed in the shallows

[19 Apr 2005|04:02pm]


i just realized what a horrible person i am.
i never talk to the people that mean the most to me.
i make the worst assumptions that dont even make sense.
i only think of myself.
and that is why


[19 Apr 2005|03:59pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

IM VERY VERY VERY VERY SORRY ERIN SMITH :( x 3646857832979018247905190254907418902741902491284912

should have stayed in the shallows

[19 Apr 2005|03:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so im getting those wisdom teeth pulled saturday. probably wont be in school for a few days.

i missed the zoo trip!!!!!!!!!!! :( ive been waiting a long time for the ONE DAY out of the year where we go to school, have no classes, and look at animals wearing whatever we feel like!! poop.
i missed it because last night i contracted some horrifying stomach virus where all i did was throw up my entire insides every half hour from 10 until about 3:30. i even got up and got dressed, but that took it out of me and i threw up once again, so i proceeded to die until 12 and learned that my brother had the exact same problem as myself..so we watched the new pope guy. i wish he was black but oh well. the sad thing about this is that i made dinner last night. im never cooking again. and now im waiting for those delcastle kids to come home so i have someone to talk to! :D

1 of us should have stayed in the shallows

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